Release 3.0.9 (3.0 Player Enhancements)

Release 3.0.9 (3.0 Player Enhancements)

1. Video Conversation – Social Login

A conversation can be created to require users to login using Social Login. The following Social Logins are supported:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  1. A Content Creator can create a conversation that requires users to login to interact.
  2. The conversation link will now display a Social Login screen.
  3. The user can login using their Gmail, Facebook, or Instagram account. Their user information, including user avatar, will be displayed on the player.
Select User needs to login to interact option
Get the 3.0 Player URL
Example using Gmail account

2. User can logout of a conversation

A user can logout of a video conversation by clicking the Logout button in the touchbar of the User Profile screen.

Logged in user can now logout

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