Release 3.4

Release 3.4

1. Self Service Subscription – Free Plan

A user will be able to create an account/tenant on the Self Service Subscription – Free Plan. Some notes:

  • The user must have a verified email address
  • Each email address is allowed to create 2 Free accounts


Any user with an email address will be able to create an account to try Rali. There is a new landing page at where users can sign up for a Free Account. The onboarding steps are as follows:

User Information Screen. All fields in this screen are required. This is where the user will enter a Display Name, Email Address and Password to create a Rali user account.

Email Verification Screen. An email will be sent to the user with a verification code. Please note that this can take a few minutes to be sent. Once the user receives the email verification code, the user can enter the verification code here.

Verification Success screen. This is confirmation that user is now part of the Rali system. Once they are verified, they can create an account.

Create Account screen. This is the Free account. The user enters a logo and Account Name related to their brand/business/interest. An Account Creator is automatically the Admin for the account.

Platform Overview screen. Once the account is created, the Platform Overview screen will act as the account dashboard. It is filled with account related data. Upon future Sign in, the user will land on the Platform Overview screen

Platform Overview screen

The Platform Overview screen is the dashboard for the account. At the top the user will see the Rali apps they have access to according to (a) the account type – Enterprise or SaaS or (b) if SaaS account type, then the SaaS plan type.

  • Enterprise Admins have access to Manager, Admin and Insights.
  • Enterprise Managers/Managers have access to Manager.
  • SaaS Admins have access to Manager, Admin. Only the “Business” SaaS Plan Type will have access to Insights.
  • SaaS Managers/Moderators have access to Managers.

The top is a rotating carousel that directs the user to many pieces of information. From the carousel, a user can quickly create conversations and manage tasks. There are also slides that contain information such as Top Video of the Week, Tip of the Day, Release Notes, and Contact information.

The tiles below contain the following data. The first 6 boxes of data are for the current Month-to-Date, for example, February 1st to February 18th. The other boxes are related to Tasks and are tasks that are in Unresolved status.

Month-to-Date Data boxes

  • Plan Usage (Only for Self provisioned account) – Plan usage will be based on Plan Type and the monthly tracked plays in the account.
  • Plays – Number of unique user plays, per conversation, per day. For example, if Joe plays Video 1 and Video 2 on Monday, that counts as 2 plays. If Joe plays Video 1 three times on Monday, that counts as 1 play. If Joe plays Video 1 on Monday, and Video 1 on Tuesday, that counts as 2 plays.
  • Active Users – Number of unique users in the account who has done any type of engagement activity (passive or active) against a conversation. This includes playing the video, to commenting on the video.
  • Mobile – Number of unique users who accessed a conversation on a mobile device
  • Desktop – Number of unique users who accessed a conversation on desktop
  • Top Location – The Top country with unique active users

The following conversations are conversations that you have access to based on your Role. Admins see all conversations in the account, so they will see the Most Active Conversation in the account. Managers and Moderators have access to conversations they manage/moderate, so the conversations they see in the boxes will be from their filtered list.

  • Most Active Conversation – this is the conversation with the greatest number of engagement activities (comment, reaction, call to action submission)
  • Three Most Recent Conversations – these are the last 3 conversations with the latest activity dates

Other Data boxes

The other data boxes are not restricted to Month-to-Date.

  • Questions – Number of open Question tasks across all conversations in the account
  • Comment to Moderator – Number of open Comment to Moderator tasks across all conversations in the account
  • Flagged – Number of open Flagged tasks across all conversations in the account

Platform Overview – User Avatar

The user avatar is at the top right corner of the Platform Overview header bar. Clicking on the avatar shows the following options:

  • User Profile
  • Accounts
  • Logout

User Profile

Clicking the User Profile allows the user to:

  • Edit Profile
  • Notification Settings

A user can edit the following in their user profile:

  • Avatar
  • Display Name (required)
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Notification Settings

Edit Notification Settings will be covered in Step 7.

In App Support

The Rali app integrates with Intercom, a messaging tool for users to ask support questions.

Home icon in Manager/Admin/Insights

A user can get to the Manager/Admin/Insights apps from the Platform Overview screen. Once they navigate to those apps, the user can return to the Platform Overview screen at any time by clicking on the Home icon in the header bar.

The Home icon replaced the user avatar that used to be in that place of the header bar, but now all user avatar functionality is on the Platform Overview header bar.

2. Ability to create an Invite Only conversation

A manager will now have the ability to create an Invite Only conversation. An Invite Only conversation is one where only invited email addresses have access to the conversations. If the user is a permitted user, they will be able to the conversation. If the user is not a permitted user, they will not be able to access the conversation. The Public and Invite Only Conversation setting is under the Conversation Access box (formerly the Embed Access box) in the Review Conversation Screen.


1. Default Conversation Access for newly created conversation is:

  • Conversation Type – Public
  • Access Type – Account Required
  • Accounts Required – Email or Social Login

2. The Conversation Type can be changed ONLY in Draft Mode. Once the conversation is Published, the Conversation Type (Public or Invite Only) cannot be changed.

3. Emails cannot be sent until the conversation is Published.

When the user clicks on the Email button, they start the Send Email flow. The first screen shows the list of permitted users that have been permitted.

The “selected” green checkmark are:

  • Users have not been sent an email
  • Users who have sent an email but they have not joined the conversation.

Users can be selected or deselected from the list.

The left color tab on the Invite List indicates the User Email status:

  • Grey = User has not been sent the email
  • Orange = User has been sent the email but has not joined the conversation
  • Green = User has been sent the email and joined the conversation

3. New CTA Type – Link CTA

There is a new Call to Action called the Link CTA. A Link CTA is one where if the user clicks on it, instead of the Call to Action Detail screen coming up, the user will automatically taken to a specified URL that is associated with a Link CTA. A Link CTA would be helpful in trying to send your viewers to your product or website.

Select Link CTA

Enter Link Title

Enter Link Referrer URL

Set Link Timestamp

Review and Save the Link CTA

4. Social Sharing on the Player

For Public conversations, the manager has the ability to allow social sharing on the player.

Manager – Review Conversation

For Public conversations, there is a “new” setting on the Setting & Configurations screen for “Allow Social Sharing on the Player”. It is turned on by default for all Public conversation, but the manager can turn off the setting if they do not want that feature.


When a user clicks that button the player, the user can share the conversation URL through:

  • Social Media – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter
  • Copying Conversation Link and sharing whichever method they choose (text, Slack etc)

5. Moderator Email Notification

A moderator/manager will be able to receive email notifications realtime/daily/weekly on moderator-related activity that has occurred in the conversation.  The moderator can chose to configure the  types of notifications they would like to receive, and  the frequency of the receiving the email notifications.  A moderator can edit their Moderator Email Notification Settings by click on the Platform Overview -> User Avatar -> User Profile -> Notifications Settings box.


  • Someone flagged a comment


  • List of open tasks
  • Summary of resolved tasks
  • Summary of Activities


  • List of open tasks
  • Summary of resolved tasks
  • Summary of Activities

Please Note: For the 3.4 release, moderators WILL NOT be opted in to receive Moderator email notifications for existing conversations. Moderators will have to go to their profile and change the Moderator notification settings. They will however will be opted-in to receive email notifications for future conversations, but those settings can be edited at any time.

6. UI change to the Player “View Overlay”

The Graph View was removed from the player. Therefore instead of having a View Overlay, it is now a toggle button to toggle between Video View and List View.

If the user is in Video View (watching the video), the player touchbar shows the List View button for the user to click on to switch to List View.

Alternatively, if the user is in List View (reaching comments), the player touchbar shows the Video View button for the user to click on to switch to Video View.

7. UI change to Account List Screen

If a user is an Admin/Manager/Moderator of many Rali app accounts, the user can switch between accounts by clicking on the Accounts button of the Platform Overview avatar.

A user is allowed to create up to 2 Free Accounts. Once that limit is reached, users are not allowed to create a new account.

The list of accounts displayed are accounts where the user’s role is either an Admin/Manager/Moderator. When a user creates an account, they automatically become an Admin of that account.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Player video resolution quality upon playing a conversation with an uploaded video
  • Removed the Sign In button for Guest Only conversations
  • Custom thumbnails persist on the Player upon initial load