Release 3.5

Release 3.5

1. Rali + Zoom Integration

A user will be able to integrate Zoom recordings with a Rali account.  A user can initiate this integration from Rali or from Zoom. This means that Zoom Mtg Cloud recordings will be automatically uploaded to a designated Rali account.  The Zoom Integration Settings include:

  • Auto-generate Zoom Conversations On/Off
  • Make Zoom Media  Resource Public/Private to the owner (See 2b below)
  • Make Zoom conversations Public or Invite Only

2. Media Resources

Update the UI to tiles.  Additional data includes the user who created the media and when it was added to the account.

Add ability to make Media Resources Public/Private.  If a Media  Resource is Public, other managers  can create conversations using the media.  If a Media Resource is Private, the person who created the media is the only one who can create conversations using that media resource.

Ability to preview a media from the Media Library page. A user can click on a thumbnail from the Media Library list and the media resource plays.

3. Manager App – Link Clicks box

Add reporting of Link CTA Clicks similar to Discussion Replies and Poll Submissions. A Manager will be able to drill down and see:

  1. Number of clicks per Link CTA.
  2. Users who clicked on a Link CTA and Click Date.

4. Conversation User Report

From the Manager App -> Conversation -> Analytics, a manager can see more data for the users in the conversations. 

Rali User Type: Registered/Guest/Visitor.  

  •  A Registered user is one who has an email address.
  • A Guest user is one who played/interacted without an email (either current  video or one in the  past).
  • An Other user is one who is NOT a Registered or Guest user (for eg a user who played the video without interacting).

Conversation User Activity.

  • Visited.  Loaded the current conversation but did not play.
  • Viewed. Played the current conversation but did not interact (comment, react etc).
  • Engaged. Commented, reacted, interacted with CTAs in the conversation

5. Graph

Added a Graph View that shows for each 10sec segment of the video. Note: video is NOT in background.

  • mScore
  •  Comment count
  • Question count
  • Reaction count
  • Discussion Replies count
  • Poll Submissions count
  • Link Clicks count

The height of the bar will be a relative reflection of the number of activities in each 10sec segment. Each bar will be colored to reflect the mScore of the 10sec segment.

  • 0 -20 = red
  • >20 – 40  = orange
  • >40  – 60 = yellow
  • >60  – 80 = blue
  • >80-100 = green

6. Updated Admin App Home screen

The Admin App Home Screen now shows additional information about the Account:

Summary info: Account Creator; Number of users; Number of conversations; Number of activities; If applicable, plan information.

Past 30 Days information: Plays; Users; New Users

Tenant Settings drill down boxes now reside on the Home Screen

Users – same functionality as previous Admin Home screen

Added an API Configuration box that shows the API Key information

Added an Integrations box – User can initiate a Zoom Integration from Rali.

7. Player Email Verification

A conversation setting was added so that email verification can be performed on the Player if a user logins using an email.  Default  setting is “Email verification is not required.”

In Review Conversation:

  • Choose either Public or Invite Only
  • As you pick the Account Required Options, if Rali Account is selected, the user can choose to toggle the “Verification of email addresses are required” setting ON.
  • This means any users who access the conversation has to login with an email, and then verify that this is a valid email address.

8. Conversation Category Tagging

A Conversation can be tagged with categories from a pre-defined list.

  • Action
  • Announcement
  • Behind The Scenes
  • College
  • Comedy
  • Compliance
  • Corporate
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Education
  • Event
  • Faith
  • Family
  • How To
  • Interview
  • Music
  • News
  • Presentation
  • Product Review
  • Product Tour
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sports
  • Testimonial
  • Thriller
  • Training
  • Tutorial
  • Vlog
  • Webinar
  • Western
  • World
  • Zoom