Release 3.8 – June 5, 2020

Release 3.8 – June 5, 2020

1a. Private Conversations – Ability to add a User Group

A Manager will be able to create a User Group and add the User Group to an Invite-Only conversation. Users in the User Group will able to access the Player conversation.

  • User Groups can be Public or Private. Public User Groups are visible to other Managers and Manager can add these User Groups to their conversations. Private User Groups are NOT visible to other Managers and are only visible to the User Group creator.
  • User Groups can be edited.
    • Users can be added or removed from the User Group.
    • The User Group Name can be changed.
    • The User Group Setting (Public or Private) can be changed.
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1b. Private Conversations – Ability to invite an Email Domain

A Manager will be able to add an email domain to an Invite-Only conversation. This means that anyone with an email address in the domain will be able to access the Player conversation. This is especially useful for businesses where they want all their employees with a corporate email address to access the player.

2. Graph View includes number of viewers per segment

The Graph View now shows the number of viewers in a 10-sec segment. This helps identify user traffic within the video.

3. Conversation Custom Tags

Managers and Admins can create Custom Tags for their conversations. Conversations can be tagged with custom categories that will be used in future reporting.

  • The Admin Tag List will default to the pre-defined Rali Tag list. This list can be edited by the Admin.
Add a Tag through Admin Tag
Add a Tag through Manager – Review Conversation

4. Task Detail – Go To Video

The “Go To” button in each Task Activity will be deep linked to the player and the Activity Detail screen. This will help a Manager quickly find the Task Activity in the player to better understand context.

5. Messaging upon Registration

The Platform and Player Registration screens will be updated to include some more messaging and explanation text about the fields such as Display Name and Email. In addition, the Platform Registration page now requires a First Name and Last Name as a person doing Platform Registration will be doing Account/Tenant related activities.

6. Media Detail display URL

If a media added to Rali is a Linked media (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch), the URL is now displayed on the Media Detail screen.

7. Player Minimized Panel – Added Expand bar

The Minimized Activity Panel now has a Expand bar to the right of the panel. This will let users know that they can click the panel to expand. In addition, clicking any of the View toggle buttons at the top of the Minimized Panel will automatically expand the Activity Panel in the selected View.

8. Custom Share Link

A Manager can change the Share link that display on the Player to be a custom link instead of the Rali Conversation URL. To change the Share Link:

  • Go to Review Conversation screen – Share button.
  • On the Share screen, edit the Share Link textbox to be the URL that is displayed on the Player’s Share screen.
  • The Rali Conversation URL can be reset to the Share Link box by clicking the Reset button.
  • Once the Share Link is changed, the original Rali Conversation URL can be obtained on Review Conversation screen.

9. Added “Help Chat” to some Platform screens

The Help icon is on the following pages so that users can ask questions while using the App.

  • Platform Landing Page
  • Platform Sign In
  • Platform Sign Up
  • Platform Email Verification
  • Platform Create Tenant
  • Admin Home Screen
  • Admin – Manage Plans
  • Admin – Payment Method
  • Manager Home Screen