Release 3.9 – July 2, 2020

Release 3.9 – July 2, 2020

1. Player: Updated Activity Panel

Minimized Panel

The Minimized Panel was redesigned so that the “data buttons” are now right now the Selected View. When a user changes the View, the panel animates so that the user knows the view changed, and there are new buttons under the View.

Expanded Panel

The Expanded Panel was redesigned with the following changes:

  • At the top, only the Selected View button is displayed instead of all the views.
  • There is now a “More” button. When clicked, the user sees a list of available Views, and the user can click a new view to change.
  • The format of the information in the box changed to improve readability.The Video Comment format is as follows:User Avatar and video timestamp on the left
    • Line 1: User Display Name
    • Line 2: Conversation Name
    • Line 3-5: Comment text or Reaction
    • Summary info: Replies, Reactions
  • The User Online Activity format is as follows:User Avatar on the left
    • Line 1: User Display Name
    • Line 2: (if online) entered Conversation Name OR offline text
    • Line 3: Time when user entered the conversation
  • The Comment Reply Real Time Activity/ Notification format is as follows:User Avatar and video timestamp on the left
    • Line 1: User Display Name
    • Line 2: Conversation Name
    • Line 3-5: Comment text or Reaction
    • Time when activity occurred

List Views for Real-Time, Users and Notification match the updated format.

Discussion CTA Color – Purple

The Discussion CTA color is now purple versus green, as green is the color to represent Selected View. The purple Discussion color is updated throughout the app, including the player progress bar.

2. Player: Question Mark Icon

The down caret was removed from the player and replaced with a more versatile Question Mark icon. When the user clicks on the Question Mark icon, user will be taken to a More Info where they have the ability to:

  • See a Video Player Tutorial. They will be taken to Rali Help Resources to learn about the Player features and functionality.
  • Report a Problem. There are 2 pre-defined problems (The video keeps stopping, No sound on video) , and an Other box for the user to explain their issue. The user can also enter an email address for Support to contact them.
  • Continue Watching Playlist. If the user is a registered user (user with an email address), the user sees a playlist of all Rali conversation they are currently joined in.

3. Account Conversation Template

An Admin can set an Account Conversation Template for some settings on the Review Conversation screen. When a Manager creates a new conversation, these settings will be applied automatically. A Manager will be able to manually override these settings where needed.

4. Office 365 Integration

An Admin can select Office 365 as an allowed Social Login on the app, and the user will be able to log into the Player using their Office 365 Login.

5. Admin App – Split out Social Logins

Currently, if a Manager allows Social Login for conversation users, the Manager is unable to select which Social Logins to allow.

  • The Admin can select which Social Logins to allow for the Account
  • The Manager can select which Social Logins to allow for the conversation

6. Public Embeddable Digital Library

Conversations can be configured to be part of a Public Digital Library.  A Public Digital Library is what a Rali customer defines as a group of conversations that is available on their website for their users.  This means users don’t have to be sent individual conversation links in order to join a conversation.  If it is part of a Public Digital Library, this library list can be embedded on the customer’s website.

This playlist will have embeddable code that can be copied and pasted onto the customer’s website. A Manager is able to configure:

  • the maximum number of conversations to display
  • the number of rows of conversations to display


  1. Only Published Active conversations display on the Public Digital Library.
  2. User still have to respect the Conversation Access settings of the conversation.

7. Ability to set the CTA Duration

A Manager can now set the duration of a CTA that is different to the default time of 5 secs.  The CTA indicator on the Player progress bar proportionately matches the CTA duration versus video duration.


  1. CTAs cannot overlap.
  2. CTA duration cannot exceed the maximum allowed limit. The App automatically changes the duration to the maximum allowed limit.

8. Account Billing Contact

A Billing Contact can be added in the Admin App so that a separate Billing person can be added to the Account. This is for both Enterprise and Self Service Subscription accounts.

9. CTA Submission now generate Question Tasks

Question Tasks will now be generated from Discussions and will appear on the Manager Task List.  The Task List UI will be updated to indicate that a particular task is from a CTA.

10. Export of Poll Data

A Manager will be able to download Poll Multiple Choice and Poll Short Answer submission data into a csv file.

11. SaaS Payment – Swiss Francs

Users will be able to purchase Subscription plans using Swiss Francs (CHF).  

12. Rali Preview Player

If a user is unable to access the Rali Player with it’s full functionality, the conversation will play the video in the Rali Preview Player. The Rali Preview Player just plays the video without any of the Rali interactive engagement tools.

13. Player List View: Unfurl URLs

If a user enters a URL as part of a comment, if there is applicable meta data, the URL will be unfurled and meta data is shown in the Player List View.