Release 3.12 – October 2, 2020

Release 3.12 – October 2, 2020

1. Updated Rali Onboarding screens

If a user wants to try Rali, they can do so from website. The “Get Started” Registration page, as well as, the Login page for our Rali Platform App has new updated onboarding UI.

Once the user creates an Rali SaaS Organization, they see the Platform Overview screen. If the Organization is “new” and there are no published conversations or less than 3 draft conversations, the page will show “Need help getting started” steps to help guide the user with what they need to do next.

The first box is “Complete your Organization Setup” and the steps are to add:

  • Organization Name. This is done and has a green checkmark since adding the Organization Name was Step 3 of the Registration progress.
  • Organization Logo. The user can add their Organization Logo by clicking on the “Go to Branding” button.

The second box is “Create your Video Conversation” and the steps are to create a Rali Conversation. Adding Calls to Action and Managing Conversation Settings are optional steps, but this lets the user know they are part of creating a conversation.

  • Add Conversation Title
  • Add Video Content
  • Add Calls to Action
  • Manage Conversation Settings

The third box is “Distribute your Conversation” and it lets the user know that after creating the conversation, the user still has to:

  • Publish the Conversation
  • Share the Conversation

2. Updated Invite Email Onboarding

When an Admin invites a user to their Rali Organization, the user receives an invite email. Before the 3.12 release, the link to join the Rali Organization would be to the website, and the user should have to Sign In to create a user account.

The Invite Email Onboarding flow has been updated to work as follows:

  • If the invited user is a new Rali user, the user will see the Rali User Registration screen. This screen will be customized to include the Organization and Role information the user is invited to.
  • If the invited user is already a Rali user in another Rali Organization, the user will see the Rali Login screen. This screen will be customized to include the Organization and Role information the user is invited to.

3. Roll-up of Organization Roles

The following are Rali Organization roles:

  • Admin – Access to Admin tab and Insights
  • Manager – Ability to create conversations and moderate tasks from the Manager tab
  • User – Can play a conversation on the Rali Video Player

Before the 3.12 release, if an Admin needed to create a conversation, they need to be assigned the Manager role to do so. In 3.12, we updated the Rali role structure so that the role privileges are inherited as you move up. This means that an Admin no longer has to be assigned a Manager role to do the things a Manager can.

In Admin App – Users, all the users are displayed in one screen. Users can be filtered by their Roles by toggling the buttons at the top. If the User filter is selected, that can be further filtered by the filter in the touchbar where Users can be filtered by Registered Users (users with an email address), or Anonymous (users who are Viewers or Guests and did not create a Rali account).

The default Sort order of the Users list is Display Name Ascending.

Also, the Search box now includes searching a user’s Email Address.

4. Ability to manually add user into Rali

Before the 3.12 release, a user was added in Rali through the following ways:

  • A user creates an account from the Rali Player
  • An Admin can invite users to be an Admin and Manager in their own Rali Organization

In 3.12, an Admin can manually add a user into their Rali Organization. The required fields for adding a user are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password. The Admin enters the password for the user, but the user can change their password once they join Rali.
  • Role


  1. If a user with the same email address already exists in the same Organization, the Admin will be directed to return to the User list and update the user’s role.
  2. If a user with the same email address exists in Rali (part of another Rali Organization), the Admin will be asked to confirm if they wish to add the user to their Organization.

Pending Invites

The Pending Invites is now one screen that shows Pending invites for both the Admin and Manager roles. There are filter toggle buttons at the top where the Pending Invites can be filtered to show invited Admin and Managers.

Invite Users

The Invite Users screen now includes the Role of the invited user.

5. Updated Player Mobile UI

In Mobile Player, the video player has been updated and it has moved to the top of the Portrait View. As a result, the player has the following changes:

  1. Mobile Player no longer has Minimized Activity Panel.
  2. The Expanded Activity Panel displays under the video player and the user sees activities in Expanded view.

6. Series UI Updates

The following UI updates were made for Series related screens:

  • On Moderate Conversation screen, if the conversation is part of a Series:
    • The Series it belongs to is displayed as part of the top info box
    • The touchbar has the “Go to Series Landing” button
  • The Series Details screen now includes the Series Link. If the Share Series Link has been changed to a custom Share link, then this is where a Manager can see the original Series Link.
  • The Share button can now be toggled On/Off on the Series Landing page. The “Allow Social Sharing on Player” configuration is now part of the Series Template – Settings box.
  • Series Tile includes a Status pill that shows if a Series is:
    • Active/Start Date
    • Ended/End Date
  • Email Digest. The Email Digest was updated to include notification if a conversation has been added to a Series.