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How to Create a Conversation Series

Conversation Series

A Conversation Series is a collection of video conversations. Multiple video conversations can be grouped together similar to a TV Series that plays in a certain order. 

Think of a Conversation Series as a playlist for your similar (or subsequent) conversations that follow a similar / common topic. A Conversation Series can also be a video thread similar to an email thread.  A Series can be created, and users can build upon the Series by adding new video conversations to the Series.

Why create a Conversation Series?

  1. Multiple videos can be grouped together and are easy to access through the Series Landing page.
  2. The Player touchbar has a “Play Next” button that when clicked, will play the next video.
  3. The Series Landing page has an Activity Panel similar to a Conversation Activity Panel, that shows the Views for ALL conversations in the Series.
  4. A Manager can create a Series Template where a settings can be automatically configured for all conversations in the Series.
  5. You can get Reports on your series on top of Reports on individual conversations.

How to Create a Conversation Series

To create a conversation series, click Add New Series in the Series box on the left hand side of the page of the Manager App (under Conversations).  

Conversation Series box – click Add New Series

Enter the title of the series, and click Next: Series Description

Enter a title for your series

Next, select a thumbnail photo, and then add a description of the series.  Then hit Save.  If you do not add a Series thumbnail, the Series thumbnail will be the thumbnail of the first conversation in the Series.

Enter series description and select a thumbnail image

You will then be taken to the Series Landing page, which is the dashboard for where the Series can be managed. Scroll down to Videos and click Add New Conversation, OR click the blue Add Conversation button floating at the bottom of the page / screen. You can also manage your series at this step or after you have added conversations.

Select your video(s). The Admin / Manager can then add (a) a new conversation, or (b) choose an existing conversation to add to the Series.

The list of existing conversations that can be added to a series are filtered by the following:

  • Conversation must be an Open Access conversation (cannot be Invite Only)
  • Conversation must not be part of another Series.
  • Conversation must be Published.
  • Conversation must be Active.

If an existing conversation’s settings differ from the Series settings, a Change Confirmation screen will be shown to show the differences and what will be changed on the existing conversation so that it can be part of the Series.

Accept the changes that are requirements of a series.

You can edit the series and its template by clicking the blue Manage Series button on the series page / screen (more on this in the Series Settings and Template sections below).  You can also share the series link on the same screen.

manage series / series detail screen
share series screen

Congratulations! You’ve just created a conversation series. It will now appear just like your conversations, but in the Conversation Series box in the Manager App. Feel free to add additional conversations or make changes to your series at any time.

In the top right corner of any Conversation Series is a Series Tile that includes a Status pill that shows if a Series is: Active (with a Start Date), or Ended (with an End Date).

A Manager can View All Series they are Managers of by clicking on the “View All Series” button in the top right corner of the Series box, similar to the View All button in the Conversations box. (The View All Series button is not included in the picture above because there is only one series in the Conversation Series box.)

Series Settings

Series Information screen

Conversations in a Series inherit some Series settings when applicable. They include:

  • Series Access – Conversations in a series have to maintain the same “access” and will inherit the Series Access settings. Series can either be Open access or Password Enabled.
  • Series Start and End Dates – Conversations in the Series automatically have the Series Start Date and End Dates. However, an individual conversation’s Start and End Date can be changed to other dates as long as the Conversation Start and End Date fall between the Series Start and End Dates.
  • Allow Social Sharing – The Share button can now be toggled On / Off on the Series Landing page. The “Allow Social Sharing on Player” configuration is now part of the Series Template – Settings box.
Series Settings and Configuration screen

Series Template

A Series Template can be created for other settings and configurations in the Series which will be inherited by all the conversations in the Series.

  • Digital Library Setting – Cannot be changed in individual conversation.
  • Moderators – All Conversations will inherit the Series Moderators. Additional moderators can be added to each individual conversation, but the Series Moderators cannot be removed.
  • Conversation Tags – Tag all your conversations in the Series with the same tag. Additional tags can be added to individual conversations.
  • Settings – All the conversations in the Series will have the same Settings and Configurations to keep the conversations consistent. Settings and configurations cannot be edited in Series Conversations.
Series Template

Series Reports

The Series Reports are a roll-up of data across all of the conversations in the series.

Series Reports
Series Media Scores Report – combined score
Series Engagement Scores Report

Editing / Removing a Video in the Series

A Series Manager can edit or delete a video from a Series.

  • Go to the Series Landing page.
  • Click on the vertical ellipses to the right of the video.
  • The Manager will see the Edit and Delete buttons.
  • The Edit button will take the Manager to the Review Conversation screen where certain changes can be made.
  • The Delete button will take the Manager to the Delete Confirmation screen. It’s important to note that there are two different types of “Delete”:
    • A Manager can remove a video conversation from the Series but it is still part of the Rali Manager App and the Manager can access it through the Manager App.
    • A Manager can permanently delete a video, which will remove it from the Series and the Rali Manager App.

Series Activity Panel

The Series Activity Panel is part of the Series Landing page and is very similar to a Conversation Activity Panel. A Conversation Activity Panel shows what is happening in the single conversation, but the Series Activity Panel shows what is happening across all conversations in the Series. The Series Activity Panel has the following Views:

  • Activities – shows comments and reactions across all the conversations in the Series. The sort order is most recent activity at the top.
  • Users View – shows all the users across all the conversations in the Series. The sort order is most online at the top.
  • User Notifications – shows a global list of all of the notifications across all the conversations the logged-in user belongs to.
Series Activity Panel views

Video Player Changes for Series Conversations

If a user is in a Series Conversation video, the following is in the Player:

  • Back Arrow in the Header bar. This takes the user to the Series Landing page.
  • Play Next button in the touchbar. This takes the user to the next conversation / video in the Series.

UI Changes to show Conversations that are part of a Series

UI was added to show Series Conversations versus standalone conversations.

  • Continue Watching Playlist
  • About the Video
  • Manager App – Conversation Tiles
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