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How to Create an account

Last Updated 5/5/2020

A user with a valid email address will be able to create a Try for Free account. This allows the user to try the Rali product and see if it fits their needs. Each user is allowed to create 2 Free accounts.


Any user with an email address will be able to create an account to try Rali. There is a new landing page at rali.io where users can sign up for a Free Account. The onboarding steps are as follows:

User Information Screen. All fields in this screen are required. This is where the user will enter a Display Name, Email Address and Password to create a Rali user account.

Email Verification Screen. An email will be sent to the user with a verification code. Please note that this can take a few minutes to be sent. Once the user receives the email verification code, the user can enter the verification code here.

Verification Success screen. This is confirmation that user is now part of the Rali system. Once they are verified, they can create an account.

Create Account screen. This is the Free account. The user enters a logo and Account Name related to their brand/business/interest. An Account Creator is automatically the Admin for the account.

Platform Overview screen. Once the account is created, the Platform Overview screen will act as the account dashboard. It is filled with account related data. Upon future Sign in, the user will land on the Platform Overview screen

Platform Overview screen

The Platform Overview screen is the dashboard for the account. At the top the user will see the Rali apps they have access to according to (a) the account type – Enterprise or SaaS or (b) if SaaS account type, then the SaaS plan type.

  • Enterprise Admins have access to Manager, Admin and Insights.
  • Enterprise Managers/Managers have access to Manager.
  • SaaS Admins have access to Manager, Admin. Only the “Business” SaaS Plan Type will have access to Insights.
  • SaaS Managers/Moderators have access to Managers.

The top is a rotating carousel that directs the user to many pieces of information. From the carousel, a user can quickly create conversations and manage tasks. There are also slides that contain information such as Top Video of the Week, Tip of the Day, Release Notes, and Contact information.

The tiles below contain the following data. The first 6 boxes of data are for the current Month-to-Date, for example, February 1st to February 18th. The other boxes are related to Tasks and are tasks that are in Unresolved status.

Month-to-Date Data boxes

  • Plan Usage (Only for Self provisioned account) – Plan usage will be based on Plan Type and the monthly tracked plays in the account.
  • Plays – Number of unique user plays, per conversation, per day. For example, if Joe plays Video 1 and Video 2 on Monday, that counts as 2 plays. If Joe plays Video 1 three times on Monday, that counts as 1 play. If Joe plays Video 1 on Monday, and Video 1 on Tuesday, that counts as 2 plays.
  • Active Users – Number of unique users in the account who has done any type of engagement activity (passive or active) against a conversation. This includes playing the video, to commenting on the video.
  • Mobile – Number of unique users who accessed a conversation on a mobile device
  • Desktop – Number of unique users who accessed a conversation on desktop
  • Top Location – The Top country with unique active users
  • Most Active Conversation – this is the conversation with the greatest number of engagement activities (comment, reaction, call to action submission)
  • Three Most Recent Conversations – these are the last 3 conversations with the latest activity dates

Other Data boxes

The other data boxes are not restricted to Month-to-Date.

  • Questions – Number of open Question tasks across all conversations in the account
  • Comment to Moderator – Number of open Comment to Moderator tasks across all conversations in the account
  • Flagged – Number of open Flagged tasks across all conversations in the account

Platform Overview – User Avatar

The user avatar is at the top right corner of the Platform Overview header bar. Clicking on the avatar shows the following options:

  • User Profile
  • Accounts
  • Logout

User Profile

Clicking the User Profile allows the user to:

  • Edit Profile
  • Notification Settings

A user can edit the following in their user profile:

  • Avatar
  • Display Name (required)
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Notification Settings

Edit Notification Settings will be covered in Step 7.

In App Support

The Rali app integrates with Intercom, a messaging tool for users to ask support questions.

Home icon in Manager/Admin

A user can get to the Manager/Admin apps from the Platform Overview screen. Once they navigate to those apps, the user can return to the Platform Overview screen at any time by clicking on the Home icon in the header bar.

The Home icon replaced the user avatar that used to be in that place of the header bar, but now all user avatar functionality is on the Platform Overview header bar.

Subscription Plans

After an admin has tried the Rali Product for free with the Starter plan, an account can be upgraded by purchasing a subscription plan. We offer two Solutions, each with two Plan levels to increase your account limits and feature access.


  • Brand Community Activation. This is for users who wish to distribute videos to viewers based on a product, topic, or passion. Turn your users into a community, thereby building brand loyalty and business growth.
  • Communication & Engagement. This is for users who wish to share videos within a defined group to increase audience engagement, or boost workplace productivity.

Plan Levels

  • Teams Plan. This is an upgrade to the Starter Plan and includes an increased amounts of Seats, Active Viewers, and Integration. It also includes Reports Access.
  • Business Plan. This is an upgrade to the Teams Plan and includes Insights.

Plan Description with offerings

How to Purchase a Plan

An admin can purchase a subscription plan by:

  1. To to Admin App by clicking on the Admin tab in the header bar

  1. Click on the Manage Plan button

  1. This screen shows:

  • List of plans currently in the account. List is empty if there are no plan subscriptions.
  • Plan Description.

  1. Click on Add New Plan to add a plan to the account.

  1. Select the Plan Solution – Brands Community Activation or Communication & Engagement

  1. Select the Plan Level – Teams or Business. Business offers increased plan limits and access to Insights.

  1. Once the plan solution and plan level is determined the admin can review the plan selection and purchase the plan using a credit card.

  • All Subscription Plans are billed on the 1st of the month
  • If a plan is added during the month:
    • the charge is prorated for the account
    • the automatic subscription billing will be charged on the 1st of the month
  • If a plan is removed during the month:
    • a refund is prorated for the account
    • the automatic subscription billing is cancelled.

  1. Admin can now enter the credit card information to purchase the subscription plan.

  • The credit card used to purchase the plan is now a “Payment Method” on the account.
  • If a credit card has already been used to purchase a plan, it is an “Existing Method” that the admin can choose again.

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