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How to Use the Video Player

The Rali Video player is has three components which include the Video Header Bar, the Video Touch Bar, and the Activity Panel.

1. Video Header Bar

  • Fullscreen Icon – Click to launch player in full screen
  • Back Arrow – This takes the user to the Series Landing page (if a user is in a Series Conversation video; located to the left of the Profile Avatar)
  • Profile Avatar – Click to access the User Profile screen, which allows you to access/edit:
    • Profile – your Display name, (First and Last names, and location information – if you have a Rali account)
    • Notification Settings – email notification settings (if you have a Rali account)
    • Privacy – edit whether or not your Display name and location are visible to others (if you have a Rali account)
    • Action Items – search your Action Items (if you have a Rali account)
    • Password – change your password (if you have a Rali account)

2. Video Touch Bar

From Left to Right:

Far Left:
  • Play – play / pause video
  • Rewind – rewind 10 seconds back
  • Mute – mute / unmute video volume
  • List View – toggle between video and activity full view
  • Play Next – takes the user to the next conversation / video in the Series (if the user is in a Series Conversation video; located to the right of the List View)
Anywhere along Video Progress Bar:
  • CTA Indicator – indicator on the video progress bar that shows a CTA (Call-to-Action)
  • Comment – button to add a comment to the video (at the time indicated by the blue video progress bar)
  • Reaction – button to add a reaction / emoji to the video (at the time indicated by the blue video progress bar)
  • Share – button to provide social sharing options (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, share link, embed link code)
  • Action Item – shows all the Action Items for that conversation (if Action Items are turned on for the conversation; to the right of the Share button)
Far Right:
  • Numbers (ex.: 0:34 / 2:25) – Time elapsed / Length of entire video
  • Video Info – button to access the video information panel, tutorial pages, other conversations, and to report a problem
More Information screen – accessible by clicking on the Video Information icon at the far right of the Video Touch Bar

Video Progress Bar

The video progress bar below the Touch Bar may contain several different colors:

  • Blue – progress of video (corresponds with the time elapsed)
  • Purple – Discussion CTA
  • Pink – Poll CTA
  • Red – mandatory CTA (video will pause and prompt you to respond before it continues; for either Polls, Discussions, or Messages)
  • Orange – Highlight CTA
  • Yellow – Message CTA
  • Green – Link CTA

3. Activity Panel

The activity panel located on the right hand side of the video player shows interactions and activities on the video. The users, activity, and video / timeline views are specific to the conversation, while the notifications view can apply to multiple conversations.

Panel Transitions

The activity panel can transition to multiple view modes:

  • Minimized View – minimized view of the activity panel
  • Expanded View – expanded view of the activity panel
  • Full View – full screen view of the activities in the video (also accessible via the List View button in the touch bar)

Panel Activities

Activity panel can be toggled between different views of activities.

  • Activity Toggle – toggles between the activity views below:
    • Video View / Timeline – view of time-synced comments and reactions in the video timeline (default view)
    • Activity View – view of the activity happening in realtime within the video
    • Users View – view who has watched the video and who is currently online
    • Notifications – view notifications across all the videos you have watched
  • Activity Summary – summary of the activity view that has been selected

Activity View

Below represent different Activity Views that can be toggled in the activity panel. Click on the ellipses to open up the list of views.

CTA Indicator Box

If the conversation has CTAs, there will be a colored CTA box at the bottom of the activity panel. It will remain there until the video reaches the next CTA – if there is another.

Again, the color of the slightly opaque box as well as the icon indicate what type of CTA. (Refer to the guide above, under the Video Progress Bar section.) If the circle around the icon is red, it is a mandatory CTA. The purple CTA box in the image above reads: At the 50-second mark, there is a mandatory Discussion Call-to-Action titled “Innovating for the future.” There have been 6 responses to this CTA and it is the 1st of 2 CTAs in this conversation.

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