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How to Use the Video Player

The Rali Video player is has three components which include the Video Header Bar, the Video Touch Bar, and the Activity Panel.

1. Video Header Bar

  • Profile Avatar – Click on to access your profile
  • Fullscreen Icon – Click to launch player in full screen

2. Video Touch Bar

  • Play – play / pause video
  • Rewind – rewind 10 seconds back
  • Mute – mute video volume
  • View Toggle – toggle between video and activity full view
  • CTA Indicator – indicator on the video progress bar that shows a CTA
  • Comment – button to add a comment to the video
  • Reaction – button to add a reaction / emoji to the video
  • Share – button to provide social sharing options
  • Video Info – button to open video information panel

3. Activity Panel

The activity panel show activities on the video and across all videos you have watched.

Panel Transitions

The activity panel can transitions to multiple view modes.

  • Minimized View – minimized view of the activity panel
  • Expanded View – expanded view of the activity panel
  • Full View – full screen view of the activities in the video

Panel Activities

Activity panel can be toggles between different views of activities.

  • Activity Toggle – toggle between the activity views below
    • Video Timeline – view of activity in the video timeline
    • Realtime Activity – view of activity happening in realtime within the video
    • Video Watcher – view who are watching the video
    • Notifications – view notifications across all the videos you have watched
  • Activity Summary – summary of the Activity view that has been selected

Activity View

Below represent different Activity Views that can be toggled in the activity panel.

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