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How to Purchase a Plan

How to Purchase a Plan

An admin can purchase a subscription plan by:

  1. Go to the Admin App by clicking on the Admin tab in the header bar.
  1. Click on the Manage Plan button.
  1. This screen shows the description of the subscription plans: 

View the following options and decide which plan is best for you.

  • If you would like the Business Plan, select Upgrade Now and choose any Add-Ons you see fit. Then click Next: Review Plan.
  • If you would like the Enterprise Plan, click the Contact Us button. 
  1. After reviewing your plan, click Buy Now. (for Business Plans)

5. Once the plan is chosen, the admin can purchase the plan using a credit card. Enter the credit card information and then click Purchase.

Please note:

Billing Cycles

  • All Subscription Plans are billed on the day that the plan was started:
    • The Starter Plan starts when the Account is created.
    • The Business / Enterprise Plan starts when it is purchased.
  • If a plan is added during the month:
    • the billing start date will be the day a user signs up for a plan
    • the automatic subscription billing will be charged on that day
  • If a plan is removed during the month:
    • the plan will continue for the remainder of that billing cycle
    • the automatic subscription billing is cancelled; the user will not be automatically charged on the next billing date

Changes and Refunds

  • A user can edit Add-Ons at any time. If the Add-Ons result in a net positive amount:
    • the user will be immediately charged for the updated charges.
    • The following monthly subscription amount will be higher.
  • If the Add-Ons result in a net negative amount:
    • the credit will be applied to the following monthly subscription bill.
    • The following monthly subscription amount will be lower. 
  • If a user downgrades from the Business Plan to the Starter Plan, the Business Plan will be valid for the remainder of the billing cycle and the Starter Plan will take in effect on the next billing cycle.

Payment Methods

  • The credit card used to purchase the plan is now a “Payment Method” on the account.
  • If a credit card has already been used to purchase a plan, it is an “Existing Method” that the admin can choose again.
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