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Admin App Guide

Admins have access to the Admin App. From the Admin App, the admin can view account / plan details and manage tenant settings.

Admin App home screen

At the very top is the Admin Display Name, Organization name, date last logged in, and then below that, icons with corresponding numbers of Users, conversations, and activities in the organization.

The top row of boxes (in black and grey) shows you the number of
Plays (unique user plays, per conversation, per day), Active Viewers, and Seats for the current month.

Below that, you can view and manage a number of tenant settings:

Tenant Settings

Branding. This is the organization’s logo and name. Admins can click on the Branding button to edit the organization’s information.

Suppressed Words. Suppressed words can be added at the organization level. You can either enter them in individually or upload a list of them. Comments that use suppressed words / phrases will automatically be hidden from the conversation stream.

Tags List. Choose from existing tags or create your own! Can be applied to both conversations and series.

Conversation Template. An Administrator can set default conversation settings for account conversations. This means that when conversations are created, these settings and configurations will automatically be applied. A Manager will be able to change the settings in the Review Conversation step of the conversation creation. Below is the Review Conversation Settings list – the settings in GREEN can be configured at the Account level.

Social Login. The following social logins are supported in the Rali player:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Office365
  • Twitter

External Authentication. If a customer has an existing OAuth for their employees to login, our Rali video conversations can be configured to use their OAuth login.

Email Templates. There are 3 email templates that are utilized by the Rali app:

  • Administrator Invitation: This is the email received by users when invited to be an Administrator in the organization.
  • Manager Invitation: This is the email received by users when invited to be a Manager in the organization.
  • Conversation Share: This is on the Conversation Share Screen – Email box.

User Accounts. There are 2 types of users:

  • Users: viewers who are part of your Organization. All the users are displayed in one screen. Users can be filtered by their Roles by toggling the buttons at the top. If the User filter is selected, that can be further filtered by the filter in the touchbar where Users can be filtered by Registered Users (users with an email address), or Anonymous (users who are Viewers or Guests and did not create a Rali account).
    • The default Sort order of the Users list is Display Name Ascending. 
    • Also, the Search box now includes searching a user’s Email Address.
  • Invited: those who have been invited to be part of your Organization but have not yet joined / accepted. You can invite users to be either Admins or Managers of your organization. There are filter toggle buttons at the top where the Pending Invites can be filtered to show invited Admins and Managers.
invited users list
invite users screen

API Configuration. Copy the API key for Rali Integrations.

Integrations. Slack, Twitch, Vimeo, Zapier, and Zoom are all third-party integrations supported by Rali.

Billing. A Billing Contact can be added in the Admin App so that a separate Billing person can be added to the Account. This is for both Enterprise and Self Service Subscription accounts. Click here to access your Billing Contact: an additional person who is contacted if there are any billing inquiries on the account. (First and Last name, Email, Phone number)

How do I add Admins and Managers to the organization?

Admins and Managers can be added a few different ways:

  • If the user exists in the organization:
    • promote them to the new role by going to the user’s User Detail screen and assigning them the role.
    • go to Users in the Admin App, click Create Invite, select role (Administrator / Manager), enter the person’s email address, and hit Send Invite.
  • If the user does not exist in the organization:
    • invite the user via email to the organization. The user will receive an automated email with the link to log in to the organization.
    • go to Users in the Admin App, click Create New User, select their role (Admin / Manager / User), enter the person’s First and Last Names, email address, and password (can be changed later), and then hit Create User. 
Users screen from Admin App
Create New User Account screen


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