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Insights App Guide

If you are an Admin with a Business Plan, you will have access to the Insights App. SaaS accounts do not have access to Insights. This is the third App of the Rali Product Suite that gives you in-depth reports about your conversations and the users participating in those conversations.

Insights App screen

As you can see, the first box at the top gives details about the Organization named at the top of screen (Catherine Dale). Below the organization name and date it was created are general details that include (from left to right) the number of conversations, users, activities, and poll submissions in this organization.  Following that are the Average eScore (on the left), and the Average mScore (on the right).

You can view the Insights for this organization for the past 7, 14, or 30 days by clicking on one of the options from the time period filter at the bottom of the screen in the touch bar.

Below the top box are 3 boxes in a row which contain reports that are either Satisfactory, Need Attention, or require Urgent Attention. (More on these below.)

Below your reports are your Top 3 Trending Conversations. You can also view all conversation reports by clicking on the blue “View All Conv. Reports” box in the top right of the box.

Finally, are your Top 3 Rising Users.  You can also view all engagement reports by clicking on the blue box in the top right of the box.

Now, back to these Reports boxes:

Reports boxes from the Insights App

Clicking on any of these 3 boxes will open up another screen with a list of the Insights for the Conversation and / or User that fall under that category (see the image below). At the top right corner of each box is a colored status box that describes if the report is about a Conversation (in orange) or a User (in blue). Click into each box for more information. Again, use the Touch Bar to filter these results by time period (7, 14, 30 days) and by Conversation / User, and sort by Trending %, Report Name; Ascending / Descending order.

Let’s take a closer look at these Insights:

For reference, the first box, Conversation mScore, has been selected and appears below.

Satisfactory Reports list

Clicking on the Conversation mScore box outlined in yellow above (top left) will take you to the Conversation mScore Report screen (below).

Conversations mScore Report screen

Above the individual conversations (in the boxes in the picture above) is a timeline that shows the activity surrounding the particular score for the selected time frame. Clicking on any conversation below the timeline will take you to its Conversation Detail screen (below).

Conversation Details screen

Here you can see how your conversation is doing and find A LOT of information about your particular conversation, including its average e, m, i, and f Scores as well as all of its Reports that are either Satisfactory, Need Attention, and require Urgent Attention. As you can see, 11 engagement reports have been generated for this conversation from the past 30 days (as indicated by the green box in the time period filter in the Touch Bar). You can even click into each individual Report for a graph of its activity, spanning 7, 14, or 30 days (pictured below).

Conversation eScore Details screen
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