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In order get access to the onQ Moodle plugin zip, please contact sales@engageonq.com.  Once installed, you can follow the directions below to embed an onQ video conversation.

Installing Manually

  1. Visit Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins page (/admin/tool/installaddon/index.php).
  2. Select the Activity module (mod) as the Plugin type.
  3. Select the downloaded plugin file(zip), read and check the Acknowledgement box.
  4. Press the Install plugin from the Zip file button.
  5. Follow the process. Upgrade the database and afterwards, review and save the settings page.

Configuring Plugin

  1. Visit Site administration -> Plugins -> Activity modules -> onQ Content
  2. Set the onQ API key and the Domain URL
    1. See Getting API key to get the onQ API key for your tenant
    2. Domain URL will be the tenant url you login (ie. https://test.onq.io)

Add Content

  1. Log in as an administrator or a user that has the permission to create a Activity inside a course
  2. Go to the course you wish to add the onQ content to
  3. Press “Add an activity or resource.”

4. Select “onQ Content” and click “Add”.

5. Enter the content name and Click on “Add onQ Content”

6. Select onQ content or Add a new video

7. There should be a success message on selection.  Click on “Save and Display” at the bottom.

8. View Content Dashboard as Instructor

9. As a student roles, you can view the onQ video.


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