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Zapier Integration

Rali provides the capability to connect your audience on your content. With the Zapier integration:

  • Users will be able to send their viewer information from Rali to their Zapier Apps. 

Prior to Installing the Rali App, you will need to setup a Rali user and be an Admin on an Account. Zapier Integrations will need to be activated from Admin -> Integrations.

1. Rali Triggers for Zapier


Trigger Response Description
New Viewer User and Conversation Fields Viewers that access a video without Authentication.
New Guest User and Conversation Fields Viewers that access the video as a Rali Guest Profile.
New User User and Conversation Fields Viewers that access a video and create a Rali Profile.
Update User Profile User Fields Updates to a View Profile.
Unsubscribe Notification User Fields Updates to a Profile’s Notification Settings.
Subscribe Notification User Fields Updates to a Profile’s Notification Settings.

User Fields

Fields Description Example
userId Unique ID for User 73b2d1e0-645a42619e45
displayName User Display Name John Doe
firstName User First Name John
lastName User Last Name Doe
email User Email john.doe@example.com
account Tenant Account Example Organization
subscribedToNotifications User Notification Flag true
createdOn User Created Date 2020-04-29T19:46:11.982+0000
lastUpdatedOn User Last Updated Date 2020-04-29T19:46:11.982+0000
admin User is a Tenant Admin false
manager User is a Tenant Manager false
moderator User is a Tenant Moderator false

Conversation Fields

Fields Description Example
conversationName Conversation Title Training Video
conversationCode Unique Conversation ID 73b2d1e0-645a42619e45
conversationUrl Conversation URL https://rali.io/player?id=xxxxxxxxxx

2. Activating the Zapier Integration

In order to activate Zapier in Rali, you need to do to Admin -> Integrations -> Zapier.

Click on the Activate Button. If your plan limits your number of integrations, you will get an error asking you to upgrade.

Once Zapier is activated, the API key is needed below to connection to Rali from Zapier.

3. Connecting to the Rali App

In order to connect to Rali from Zapier, you need to go to My Apps and search for Rali.

Zapier will ask you for login information to access your Rali tenant. You will need to login with a Rali account that is an Admin of the tenant. The API key can be copied from the Zapier Integration screen in Step 2.

4. Creating a Zap with Rali App

Once you have a connected Rali App, you can now create Zaps that send viewer information to your Zapier integrations.

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